Interpol: Nigerians react to young ‘Billionaire’ Hushpuppi, Woodberry ‘arrest’ in Dubai

Hishpuppi, in different appearances, displays a lavish lifestyle on his Instagram page

A Dubai-based Nigerian youth and rich celebrity, Hushpuppi, who displays a wealthy lifestyle on the social media, especially on Instagram, has been allegedly arrested by police in his United Arab Emirates(UAE) home.

He was reportedly arrested alongside his friend, Woodberry, by the Interpol arm of the United States Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI), on Tuesday.

Hushpuppi, who commands a huge fan base of Nigerians on his Instagram account with 2.2 million followers, where he showcases his expensive lifestyle, displaying posh cars, clothes, wrist watches, a private jet, is often celebrated by friends, as a young billionaire.

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He, had, at different times, posted pictures where he either stood in front or inside a private jet said to be his own via his social media accounts.

The alleged arrest of Hushpuppi and Woodberry was said to be on the account of money laundering after the FBI allegedly linked cases of fraud to them.

Reports said, Interpol arrested Hushpuppi for $35 million Covid-19 ventilator scam, an amount said to be part of the social security funds to native Americans being a relief package for the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of his fans had said Hushpuppi’s phone when dialed was switched off, which further supported claims that he could have been taken to custody.

The FBI had, earlier at the beginning of the year 2020, raided homes of scores of Nigerians abroad, those believed to be involved in “Yahoo Yahoo” Internet bank fraud and cyber crimes, and lately, another Nigerian youth, Billionaire Mompha, was arrested for money laundering.

Consequent upon the latest arrest of the two Nigerian youths in Dubai, below are reactions from Twitter: