Maersk launches digital supply chain management platform


A.P. Moeller – Maersk has launched a digital platform called ‘Maersk Flow,’ designed to help customers and related partners take control of their end-to-end supply chain.

Maersk, in a statement said the solution enables “transparency in critical supply chain processes” and ensures the flow of goods and documents is executed according to stakeholders’ plans.

According to the shipping giant, the new platform strengthens the company’s position as global integrator of container logistics helping small and medium sized customers to connect and simplify their supply chains.

Maersk said this would further assist small and medium sized businesses with the complexity of managing their supply chains, the reason for its digital platform which provides customers and their partners with everything they need to take control of their supply chain, from factory to market.

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integrated container logistics company, said: “The solution enables transparency in critical supply chain processes and ensures that the flow of goods and documents is executed as planned.

“It also reduces manual work and costly mistakes, while empowering logistics professionals with all the current and historical data they need to sustainably improve their supply chain.

“We are very excited to release Maersk Flow, which will give these customers a digital supply chain management tool that is designed specifically for their needs.

“Maersk Flow will allow our customers to significantly improve their supply chain performance with less time and effort. This lets them focus more resources on their core business and achieve happier customers and higher sales growth.”

The company posited that the daily life of small and medium sized businesses is increasingly global, complex and fast-paced.

“Every day thousands of products are moving through the supply chain, on multiple carriers, coming from and reaching many supply chain partners and customers. And for many of these companies this complexity is managed fully manually via spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, which despite lots of hard work is leading to reduced visibility and control – and ultimately higher costs or lost sales,” Maersk said.

However, it was said that with “Maersk Flow” these companies will be able to take control of their supply chains, and will further extends Maersk’s customer reach and strengthens the company’s position as an industry leader in digital solutions.