This end of season, you shall reap and enjoy your bountiful harvest, says Pastor Moji Jaiyebo

Pastor Moji Jaiyebo during her ministration at Charis Family International Church headquarters, on Thursday, November 23, 2023

A fervent minister of the gospel and spirited exhorter, Pastor Moji Jaiyebo, has expressed God’s intention to bless every committed labourer with a big harvest as this season ends.

She said everyone due of such harvest will be divinely empowered to reap and enjoy the fruits of their labour, just as she assured that every lover of God and His people sentenced by earthly courts into all sorts of difficulties have been divinely set free.

Pastor Jaiyebo, the pastorate head of the Bodija branch of Charis Family International Church, the Pavillion of Grace, at 45a, Awolowo, Old Bodija, Ibadan, gave the revelations while ministering on Thursday, November 23, 2023, at the ministry’s headquarters, Cultural Centre Road, Mokola, Ibadan.

At the programme which kickstarted the end of the year prayer session for members of Charis Family International Church, with the theme: “Put In The Sickle — Mark 4:29,” the clergywoman, substantiating her ministration with scriptural reference from Luke 12:20, said, “Harvest marks the end of a farming season and it vindicates the work of a farmer.”

Hence, she said, “Harvest is the reward for hard work. It is for the labour of love.”

Pastor Jaiyebo told the congregation, “The Lord has remembered all your offerings. God has accepted your sacrifices. Step into your harvest.

She noted that according to Psalm 20:3, “God has remembered all your offerings, and accepted your sacrifice.”

Exhorting the congregation, the cleric said, “The time of harvest is the time of showing forth hard work. Before harvest, there is the labour of the farmer and the labour of the helpers.”

She said a farmer has a lot at stake. “It is the farmer who has the vision and determines how the harvest will go and its scope.”

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As one who determines the pace of his labour, she said the outcome of a labourer’s decision will determine whether he maximised the season or if the harvest will be wasted.

Similarly, likening a planting season to a woman’s pregnancy, she said, “You must have the strength to bring to birth after being pregnant for nine months as a farmer. You must have the strength to take in the harvest. You cannot afford to be a weakling.

“As a farmer, your hand must be strong. God has given you the needed strength to keep strong,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

But for what she said God has made available for all those who laboured in love, referring to Isaiah 65:20-22, Pastor Jaiyebo said, “You are in the season where you do not labour for another to harvest. In the vineyard that you have planted, you will eat its fruits. You belong to the saving grace.’

According to her, “You are at the station of the life of God, you have been given an open cheque with a nussle in your hand to fill up your tank.

For the abundance of the harvest she said is already available, she said every harvester needs help, just as she said Jesus in His almightiness referencing Mathew 9:38 asked for help.

Pastor Jaiyebo, a fervent woman of God, passionate about a change for good in Nigeria and has made a series of prophetic declarations for the country through her Wedecree Platform, said, “If Jesus prayed for helpers, you need helpers. The harvest has already been released to you, you alone cannot reap it,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.