Nigerians woo Osinbajo in #My2023PresidentialCandidate social media trend

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stepping out for an engagement... Photo: State House/Tolani Alli

Nigerians in a widely dominated social media trend, on Monday, mounted calls on Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, to contest for the 2023 Presidency, calling him their choice candidate.

Though the spokesperson to the Vice President, Laolu Akande, has reiterated the fact that his boss hasn’t made his intention known for 2023, and has repeatedly debunked claims that suggested a presidential run for the VP, there have been increasing pressure from Nigerians for him to declare an interest.

This could be attributed to why a groundswell of support is building up daily for Vice President Osinbajo, as the 2023 presidential election draws nearer.

Public opinions have suggested that Vice President Osinbajo, without declaring a presidential ambition yet, has a towering image over every other potential contender for the most exalted office in Africa’s most populous nation.

Many of those who are rooting and urging the VP to throw his hat in the ring have now, on Monday dominated the social media space, especially the micro-blogging site, Twitter, projecting his achievements and strength of character, which according to them, stood him out among other would-be contenders.

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The strong and positive narratives about Osinbajo which trended with the hashtag #My2023PresidentialCandidate, spread over other trends such as Atiku, Tinubu and unilag.

Below are some of the over 5,000 engagements generated on the trend:

@KObambon: “He is a man with vision.
A man on a mission.
He has capacity.
He has empathy.
He understands the politics of development.
He understands what an average Nigerian expects from the government.
Osinbajo is that man.
He is #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@AnastasiaEzeJ1: “#My2023PresidentialCandidate is the current Vice President Osinbajo whose integrity and character has remained unsullied over the years and who also has a copious understanding of the things of governance. He is the best man for the job come 2023.”

@olaniyanmayowa: “Even your Crush crush on My Crush. Osinbajo #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@Adeniyi_sunny20: “The VP’s involvement in technology brought about the following:

Microsoft opened an African Development Centre in Lagos in 2019, employing engineers building Microsoft products for global use… etc.
Can Nigerians vote for Osinbajo 2023?

@ProNigeria1: “It is because of the abysmal low performance of his predecessors that arguably formed people’s unrealistic expectations of the man Osinbajo in office as a Vice President. But today, he has done far more in same office. Osinbajo is an achiever!

@KemisolaAdekun1: “He exudes confidence
He exudes intelligence
He exudes brilliance
He exudes excellence
He exudes integrity
He exudes dignity
He is capable
He is reliable
His name is Oluyemi Osinbajo
He is #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@AdewumiCollins: “It is the quality of his brain, the health of his body, the strength of his character, his loyalty to his boss and the measure of his competence that has made VP Osinbajo #My2023PresidentialCandidate not Atiku.”

@fako_daniel: “Even LEADERSHIP can’t afford to ignore him base on his key role in steadying the ship of state through the storms as well as laying the foundation for the social intervention programme of the current govt. His name: Yemi Osinbajo.

@HannahAdedoyin2: “Imagine a president you’ll always want to hear speak. Funny, knows how to thrill and motivate the crowd through his hilarious jokes and commentaries, despite our differences. He is a professor with distinction. We are blessed to him.
Osinbajo is #My2023PresidentialCandidate.”

@Thomas2blessing: “Even when his boss was away from the country for months due to his health challenge, he has opportunity to overthrow, but never did.

Osinbajo’s loyalty is 100%


@Olaoye5: “The most critic of this administration even approved sometimes ago that Osinbajo should be the president.

“Osinbajo in my view happens to be the most hardworking Vice President in the history of Nigeria who is using the office of the Vice President effectively. Performing as a president will not be an issue to him

@falomojoy: “Should we talk about his street credibility? This was last week in Bauchi at the wedding ceremony of Fatima, daughter of the minister of Education… Osinbajo is the right man for the job.

@ThormiwahEmman1: “Brian Tracy said and I quote “Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position”
We call on prof Yemi Osinbajo to take the mantel of leadership come 2023 bcos of his incredible qualities #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@demitola: “Did you know? Osinbajo was the one that advised all the State Governors to set up panels of inquiry to pay damages to victims after #EndSARS? He is my #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@NikolasEze2: “This is clearly the language of acceptance. Wherever he goes, he’s given the attention and accorded the respect he deserves. Not everyone have that street credibility outside his region.

He is valued. Osinbajo is God’s blessing to this nation. #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@AdeagboOpeyemi17: “He has set a high standard for office of the Vice President with unmatched achievements & successes. It’s time to bring that high standard to the number one office in the country & Osinbajo is the perfect person to set this standard, this is why he is #My2023PresidentialCandidate”

@OPeterO1: “Prof Yemi Osinbajo is
#My2023PresidentialCandidate. PDP guys can’t stop talking about him…

“The real voters cheering and forming wall round Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Go to East, West, North and South and see his street love and credibility. Leave those on twitter with no PVC…

PYO na divine project.”

@phylixsblog: “2023: South-East will support Osinbajo for president, says group.”

@TheNewDiplomat1: “2023: Delta Rep, Waive, Backs Osinbajo’s Presidential Ambition.”