To ease unemployment, youths can make the best of blogging — Oriyomi

Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi

A rising Nigerian entrepreneur, Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi, has advised the Nigerian youth, especially the unemployed to invest in their creative abilities so they can be gainfully engaged.

Oriyomi, who is also a chartered accountant, spoke on the backdrop of the high rate of unemployment in the country, said he has also benefitted in the same advantage, hence, he said personal creativity is the way out of the present economic downturn.

He said, those who can socialise well will also find good connections which can help them in shaping their creative endeavours.

According to him, “one’s lifestyle, background, traditions, social interaction will determine how far one can go in meeting up with life expectations.

“No matter the society you live in, you can still experience a major breakthrough in our present diversified business environment.

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“Now, in a cultural modern life, the new media has taken a different approach, the internet houses billions of blogs and websites, and with the challenge Covid-19 has created, conditioning everyone into a virtual world, this is a big opportunity for the unemployed youths can take advantage of.”

Oriyomi, popularly known as Swag Omoluabi, who equally runs a blog, for trends and creative contents, said, he got inspired from the Yoruba culture which he decided to fine tune into a modernied form to generate content for his blog, to promote a total blend of the Yoruba culture and its diversification.

Speaking on his blog which he runs with a brand name “Swag Omoluabi,” Oriyomi said “Omoluabi is a typical way the Yoruba introduce someone who believes in diligence, hardwork, virtue and respects the rights of others. It is believed that an Omoluabi gives back to the society that has made him.

“As a fast rising blog, hard work and consistency has attracted potential audience with attention grabbing contents which makes the blog searchable and competitive.

“Swag Omoluabi was created to harness the power in creating contents, catchy and trending contents. And also to connect audience to relevant posts in order to boost quality of creation and traffic.

“The objective of the blog is to have loads and tons of creative ideas brainstormed in writings and visuals. To serve as an influencer for marketing products and ideas through YouTube, and networking with skilled personnel, in the digital space.

“The goals of the blog is undiluted because so many people have gained from its content creation, which makes it outstanding and one of a kind in the country,” Oriyomi said.