VIDEO: Fire outbreak at World Trade Centre in Abuja

The building on fire in Abuja, on Monday, July 13, 2020

A fire outbreak was reported on Monday at the high rise building of the World Trade Centre (WTO), located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The General Manager, Operations, at the WTO, Mr Ibukun Adeogun, speaking on the fire incident, described it as “minor” after it was put out, saying there was no cause for alarm.

According to him, there were no significant damages recorded.

“In a building like this, you fight the fire from inside; you can see the trucks are not doing anything.

“The little incident happened on the pent house of the building, he said.

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Also, the Extra Low Voltage (ELV), Operations Manager at WTO, Emmanuel Etuk, said it was the first time such incident would be recorded at the Centre, adding that, everyone was calm at the moment as the fire had been put out.

“When incidences like this occur, you allow the experts do their jobs, after, investigations are carried out, then they can advise.

“For now, we are good,” Etuk said.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO), Federal Fire Sevice (FFS), Mrs Sandra Huan, also contributing, said, the cause of the World Trade Centre was still under investigation.

The fire incident when it broke out earlier in the day, created panic in the area, as passers-by fled in panic, seeing thick smoke emitting from the roof top.