Agba’s achievements as commissioner position him to be Edo governor

Prince Clem Agba

Prince Clem Agba’s tenure as Commissioner in the Edo State Ministry of Environment and Public Utilities and later as the Commissioner of Lands and Survey was marked by remarkable achievements and significant contributions to the development of the state. His leadership and dedication to service led to the successful implementation of various programmes and projects that greatly impacted the lives of the people in Edo State.

One of Prince Clem Agba’s outstanding achievements during his time as Commissioner was the substantial increase in the Ministerial IGR (Internally Generated Revenue). He successfully raised the annual revenue from N45 million to an impressive N450 million. This increase in revenue is a testament to his financial prowess and ability to effectively manage resources.

Under Prince Clem Agba’s leadership, the Edo Urban Renewal program was implemented, leading to the installation of over 5,000 street lights across major roads and communities in the state. This initiative not only improved the aesthetics of the city but also enhanced security and safety for residents and visitors. The urban renewal program brought about a positive transformation in the state’s infrastructure.

Another notable achievement of Prince Clem Agba was his ability to resolve the long-standing issue of the Costain Isonorho dumpsite. In just five days, he successfully evacuated the notorious dumpsite, which had been a problem for over two decades and had overwhelmed previous governments. This accomplishment showcases his determination and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, Prince Clem Agba played a vital role in the successful completion of the Edo State Geographic Information Services (EGIS) project. This project digitized land records and improved land administration processes, promoting transparency and accountability in land management. The EGIS project has been instrumental in streamlining land-related processes and reducing bureaucratic bottlenecks.

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Prince Clem Agba’s commitment to community development is also evident in the completion of the Kings Square and adjoining areas Park project. This project transformed an underutilized space into a vibrant community hub, providing recreational facilities, green spaces, and cultural amenities. The project has not only beautified the area but also created a sense of community and brought people together.

As a member of the Edo State Economic Team, Prince Clem Agba played a crucial role in securing funding and partnerships with international organizations and private sector stakeholders for various infrastructure projects. His ability to foster collaboration and drive investments has helped propel the state’s development forward.

Additionally, Prince Clem Agba prioritized the environment by increasing the State Forestry nursery capacity from 200,000 to 650,000 trees. This expansion aimed to ensure sustainable forest regeneration and contribute to the preservation of the state’s natural resources.

It is worth mentioning that Prince Clem Agba actively sought solutions to Edo State’s flood and erosion challenges. He successfully reclaimed the Ekenwan Gully Erosion and Queen Ede Gully Erosion, as well as fixed the 25-year flooding problem of Five-Junction in Benin City. These efforts have mitigated the effects of flooding and erosion, safeguarding the lives and properties of the people.

Summarily, Prince Clem Agba’s achievements as Commissioner in the Edo State Ministry of Environment and Public Utilities and later as the Commissioner of Lands and Survey are remarkable. His leadership has significantly impacted the development of the state, with successful projects in infrastructural upgrades, urban renewal, revenue generation, land administration, community development, environmental preservation, and flood and erosion management. Prince Clem Agba’s contributions have left a lasting legacy in Edo State, and his dedication to service serves as an inspiration for future leaders. In essence, it is believed if a leader like him is given the chance to lead Edo State as a governor, he will do more for the state and better the lives of Edo people.