US elections live feeds: Trump acknowledges Biden ‘won rigged election’ known to media

Trump, Biden
L-R: Donald Trump and Joe Biden

07:48 PM

President Donald Trump appeared to acknowledge publicly for the first time on Sunday that Democrat Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 U.S. presidential election but asserted that it was “rigged,” reiterating his false claims of widespread voting fraud.

Biden defeated Trump by winning a series of battleground states that the Republican incumbent had won in 2016. The Democratic former vice president also won the national popular vote by more than 5.5 million votes, or 3.6 percentage points.

07:47 PM

Trump continues with unsubstantiated allegations of fraud.

07:03 PM

After several thousand supporters of President Donald Trump protested the election results and marched to the Supreme Court, nighttime clashes with counter-demonstrators led to fistfights, at least one stabbing and more than 20 arrests.

Several other cities on Saturday also saw gatherings of Trump supporters unwilling to accept Democrat Joe Biden’s Electoral College and popular vote victory as legitimate. Cries of “Stop the Steal” and “Count Every Vote” rang out despite a lack of of voter fraud or other problems that could reverse the result.

06:48 PM

A fraud investigation?

06:23 PM

President-elect Joe Biden wants to “restore the soul of America.” First, he’ll need to fix a broken and divided Congress. Biden is rushing headlong into a legislative branch ground down by partisanship, name-calling and, now, a refusal by some to acknowledge his win over President Donald Trump.

05:44 PM

One focus of Harris’ will be the quantum leap from the legislative to the executive branch. Whereas Biden will have virtually no learning curve upon returning to the White House after eight years as vice president.

05:05 PM

After January 20, Trump, who is fighting to hold onto his office, will be more vulnerable than ever to a pending grand jury investigation by the Manhattan district attorney into the president’s family business, as well as his taxes.

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04:01 PM

Trump presidency was the first in more than 100 years not to feature a “first dog”. Neither President Donald Trump nor his wife Melania owned any pets.

03:23 PM

President-elect Biden is set to restore a time-honoured tradition back to the White House this January: bringing in pups for the first time to what has been a pet-free zone for four years.

02:47 PM

In addition to the Million MAGA March, demonstrations of the Trump faithful in Washington included a Stop the Steal rally and a Women for Trump event.

02:10 PM

White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, offered an assessment of the Million MAGA March, claiming that 1 million supporters turned up.

01:26 PM

Biden has spent days huddled with advisers as he weighs whom to appoint to his cabinet, fields congratulatory calls from world leaders and maps out the policies he will pursue after being sworn in on January 20.

12:26 PM

Trump attacks Biden charity.

12:01 PM

The transition to President-elect Biden’s administration remained in political limbo a day after tens of thousands of President Trump’s supporters poured into the nation’s capital to echo his false claims of election fraud.

11:32 AM

Police made 20 arrests, including four on gun charges, as counterprotesters and Trump supporters clashed in the streets throughout the evening. One person was stabbed, but his condition was unknown late Saturday.

11:02 AM

Following four years of presidential pique and chronic chaos in dealing with foreign leaders, Biden has already signaled a reversal — he is making US diplomacy predictable again.

10:24 AM

US President-elect Biden, his deputy Kamala Harris and incumbent President Donald Trump on Saturday extended Diwali greetings to those celebrating the festival of lights.

10:08 AM

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on tax cuts

09:53 AM

Trump claims protesters were attacked

09:52 AM

Carrying flags and chanting “stop the steal,” Trump supporters walked from Freedom Plaza near the White House to the US Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill as part of the “Million MAGA March.”

09:50 AM

President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris extended wishes to people on the occasion of Diwali and said that hopefully next year the festival will be celebrated at the White House in person.

09:50 AM

President-elect Biden projecting the authority of an incoming chief executive, naming a Covid task force and vetting candidates for top positions for his administration. But for the current president, Donald Trump, the election is “not over.”

09:49 AM

Tens of thousands of President Trump’s supporters marched through downtown Washington, echoing his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud and cheering as his motorcade drove past.

Credit: The Economic Times