Will artificial intelligence take your job? Experts reveal the jobs at highest risk

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Researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in France have revealed which jobs are most and least likely to be taken by robots.

Their findings suggest that meat packers, cleaners and builders face the highest risk of being replaced by machines, while teachers, lawyers and physicists are safe.

Generally, jobs that require millimetre-level precision of movements are most likely to be taken by robots, which can replicate these movements.

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Meanwhile, jobs that require critical thinking or creativity are the least likely to be taken my robots, which lack these skills.

‘The key challenge for society today is how to become resilient against automation,’ explained Professor Rafael Lalive, who co-led the study.

‘Our work provides detailed career advice for workers who face high risks of automation, which allows them to take on more secure jobs while re-using many of the skills acquired on the old job.’

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