World’s first AI-powered female robot appointed CEO in Chinese company

Robots are expected to replace workers but the bots also coming for the C-suite titles (stock image)

In a first across the world, an AI-powered female robot has been appointed as the CEO of the Chinese metaverse company NetDragon Websoft.

The company which develops multiplayer online games and also makes mobile apps. NetDragon Websoft is popular for digital toys Neopets.

The robot named, ‘Ms Tang Yu’, will helm affairs at NetDragon Websoft’s main subsidiary, Fujian, The US Sun reported.

The AI-powered virtual humanoid robot will be responsible for overseeing operations of the company valued at nearly $10 billion.

In a press statement, the company said Tang Yu would be responsible for streamlining process flow, enhancing the quality of work tasks, and improving the speed of execution.

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Additionally, the AI-powered virtual humanoid robot will also work as a real-time data hub and analytical tool that will help in rational decision-making in daily operations. Tang Yu will help in enabling more effective risk management system at Fujian, the note said.

Apart from this, the robot will play a critical role in developing talents and ensuring a fair and efficient workplace for all employees.

Tang Yu’s appointment highlights NetDragon’s focus on AI management strategy and thrust on becoming a “metaverse organisation”.

Tang Yu’s appointment as CEO represents the company’s commitment to “truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business,” chairman of NetDragon Dr Dejian Liu said.

In the future, the company will continue to expand the algorithms behind Tang Yu in order “to build an open, interactive and highly transparent management model” as the company shifts to a metaverse-based working community.

In 2017, Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma had predicted that technology would make many CEOs irrelevant in the future. “In 30 years, a robot will likely be on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO,” Ma had said during a conference in China.