Christiana Igbokwe releases ‘Kindness’ single to mark 13th memorial of Grandmother Christy Essien-Igbokwe, launches legacy website

Christiana Igbokwe honouring the memory of her grandmother, Christy Essien-Igbokwe

By Marvellous Nyang

Christiana Igbokwe, the granddaughter of African music legend Chief (Dr) Christy Essien Igbokwe, has released a new single titled ‘Kindness,’ dedicated to her grandma’s memory 13 years after her passing.

Speaking on the new release, a reimagined version of her grandmother’s hit song ‘Show a Little Bit of Kindness,’ young Igbokwe said, “‘Kindness’ is not only a tribute to children worldwide but also to kind-hearted individuals who, like her grandma, believe in the power of one random act of kindness.”

At just 11 years old, Christiana has already established herself as a music activist, particularly through her EP ‘Motherland,’ which addresses societal issues.

She recently launched ‘Kindness’ as part of her anti-bullying campaign on Children’s Day, advocating for parents to instill empathy and kindness in their children from a young age to prevent bullying.

As the youngest Diana Award recipient from Nigeria for her music activism and humanitarian works, Christiana holds her grandmother in high regard: “From the stories I’ve heard about my grandma, she was indeed the greatest of all time.”

Exactly 13 years ago, on June 30th, 2011—just a year before Christiana was born—the African music legend, Chief Dr Mrs Christy Essien Igbokwe MFR, left an indelible mark.

Today, we fondly remember her contributions to the growth of the African music industry and national development.

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“My Grandma, Chief Dr Mrs Christiana Essien Igbokwe, paved the way for what the Nigerian music industry enjoys today,” says Christiana.

“In her 50 years on earth, she found her purpose in life by creating a positive impact through acts of kindness, music, creativity, innovation, and service to others.

“She contributed to the greater good of humanity, the growth of the African entertainment industry, nation-building, and provided a profound sense of purpose afulfilmentent.

“My Grandma should be immortalized by the Nigerian Government,” says young Christiana.

To commemorate the 13th anniversary of her grandmother’s passing, Christiana has dedicated ‘Kindness’ to her everlasting memory.

She has also launched a new website where fans can purchase memorabilia to preserve her grandmother’s legacy.

Additionally, Christiana is preparing for the debut release of her albums ‘Happy Days’ for children and ‘Rebirth’ in memory of her grandmother, scheduled for this November.”