#Hushpuppi: You’re promoting fraudsters but abusing pastors, Nigerians slam Daddy Freeze + VIDEO


Nigeria’s controversial on air personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has received severe censure from Nigerians for promoting alleged cyber criminal, Ramon Abass, otherwise Hushpuppi, and taking pleasure in abusing pastors.

The knock became heavier on the berated broadcaster, as a video went viral on Thursday, apparently a documentary Daddy Freeze did for Huspuppi and his gang, to promote the extravagant lifestyle of the alleged fraudster and his ilks.

Daddy Freeze, over the years has been known for his repeated attacks on pastors, raising unsubstantiated and unconfirmed accusation against the pastors, saying they are fond of forcing their church members to pay tithes and offerings for self-enrichment, while they leave them pauperised.

Dubai-based Hushpuppi was recently arrested inside his home by police, who had trailed him and his gang, currently being charged for allegedly defrauding over 1.9 million victims to the tune of $435.6 million, estimated to be N168.01 billion.

In the said documentary video, which went viral on Twitter, following Hushpuppi’s arrest in Dubai, Daddy Freeze mocked Nigerian youths, who accused Hushpuppi of fraud, telling them to beg Hushpuppi for employment instead of abusing him on social media.

Daddy Freeze who also featured in the video, was accompanied by his wife to Hushpuppi’s Dubai home, and in the almost an hour-long video, together with others in their company, applauded the questionable lifestyle of Hushpuppi.

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Also in the video, Daddy Freeze could be heard laughing and making jest of low income Nigerians with legitimate source of income, when Hushpuppi told all of them dining with him in his Dubai home that his driver collects N700,000 monthly salary, while his cleaner earns N250,000, he boastfully said was more than the take home of a bank manager and local government chairman.

Daddy Freeze said: “Hushpuppi’s driver collects 700,000 in a month, yet people abusing him on social media are working as houseboys with a pay of N35,000, instead of asking him to employ them.”

Consequent upon his “biased stance” and double-talk, claiming to fight for those he said are allegedly being swindled by pastors, yet, publicly promoting someone whose source of income and riches could not be ascertained until he was recently arrested for alleged cyber crimes, Nigerians have reacted and some of the commented posted on Twitter are published below: