Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari begs IG to release her staff in Police custody

Aisha Buhari
Aisha Buhari

Nigeria’s First Lady Aidha Buhari has appealed to the country’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), to release her staff members in police custody, to avoid pitting their lives in danger of COVID-19.

Aisha Buhari made the call on Friday, as she was reaching out to Nigerians and relevant government agencies to support her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, by enforcing his recently signed Quarantine Act and ensure no one is found violating this law and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) guidelines.

It was in reference to this the First Lady, thorough her Twitter account, called on the police authorities to release he staff members in their custody.

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She wrote: “That Covid-19 is real and still very much around in our nation is not in doubt. Consequently, I call on all relevant Government Agencies to enforce the Quarantine Act signed by Mr. President and ensure no one is found violating this law and the NCDC guidelines, especially on interstate travel without the necessary exemptions for movement of essentials.

“Anyone who does that should at the very least be made to under go a 14 days mandatory isolation no matter who the person is, no one should be above the law and the Police command will do well to remember that.

“Finally, I call on the IGP to release my assigned staff who are still in the custody of the Police in order to avoid putting their lives in danger or exposure to Covid-19 while in their custody.”

The reason the staff members were taken into custody by the Police was, however, not mentioned.