PMAN governor, Osoba, raises hopes for members, speaks on plans for 2021

Kareem Olomide Osoba

The governor of Performing Musician Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Kareem Olomide Osoba, has spoken about the organisation’s plans for 2021, which is centred on gaining the losses of 2020 for practitioners.

According to him, “The year 2020 was a significant and remarkable year in the live and history of musicians, especially those resident in Lagos.

“For the first time in the history of entertainment practitioners; the doors of event halls, musical promotion, and entertainment venues was shutdown, leaving the practitioners and all those who make a living from entertainment to wonder where their next meal will come from.

“The music industry is the highest hit of the pandemic and the Covid-19 lockdown. As we all know ‘MUSIC’ is the most economical source of employment for youths in Nigeria; that is, dancers, song writers, musicians, music composers.

There are also corporate organisations and brand companies who use musicals produced by artistes as their quickest means of reaching their target market audience; such as Project Fame, Maltina Dance All, Nigerian Idols, Star Music Show and others.

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“‘MUSIC’ is the first target for stakeholders ‘Entertainers,’ the players, (producers), movie makers, music recorders ‘Labels,’ event promoters, corporate organisations, and others.”

However, he said: “The year 2020 has come and gone but the pain it left in our industry will not be forgotten easily and still counting, adding that, “2021 is here, so we all thank the Almighty God for seeing us through the hard time, we pray for those who lost loved ones to hunger and other related sicknesses, we congratulate those of us who are here to celebrate 2021; 2020 has giving us the opportunity to look inward, and ask ourselves the hard question, after Covid-19 what next?

“In 2021 we, the Lagos State Chapter of the union will be campaigning to integrate talented musical artists and interested youths in the entertainment (music) business; primarily towards clipping all social vices bedeviling our contemporary society in addition to provide a platform of ̀̀”Edutainment” for youths to exhibit their creativity, academic prowess, tradition, skills, fashion, beauty and philosophy. The proposal offers all the amenities and services you come to expect from a world-class project.

The arrangement is to first identify organizations, interest groups, promoters, song writers, musicians, and all players in the entertainment industry, (including NGO’s) to partner with the executive of PMAN Lagos State, protect intellectual property/productions; and hold in trust the right to diversify income generation and all payment accrued to artist works and/or association (PMAN).

“Authoritatively PMAN Lagos State Chapter has developed a Central Collection Catalog for all artists resident in Lagos State especially members of PMAN and intending members, a move aimed to identify major players in the industry and find a lasting platform to secure their protection. The central data became necessary because the association and its members have lost so much money in the hands of pirates and other faceless sales agency and groups, caused by lack of a formidable structure. It is our hope that the drive will help to bring back the lost glory of PMAN and its mislaid members registered under the association who will be acknowledged as musicians and be paid appropriately.

“Apart from protecting the interests and overseeing the operations of Nigerian musicians, PMAN is the only constitutional union of entertainment; registered under the Trade Union act of the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

“It is legally instituted as the union for all entertainment practitioners, it is the only organization with the legal authority to speak and act on behalf of the general collection of Nigerian entertainment industry. We will never be free till every one of us acknowledges the fact that Performing Musician Employers Association of Nigeria ‘PMAN’ is our collective responsibility and only platform to protect the intellectual property of our people.”