Michelle Obama speaks about ‘tough times’ with daughters Malia and Sasha

Barack and Michelle Obama and their daughters, Malia and Sasha

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has given an incredibly honest insight into her personal life in her latest podcast episode.

The former First Lady sat down to talk to Conan O’Brien on The Michelle Obama Podcast, and opened up about the first few years of parenthood, and how it affected her relationship with husband Barack Obama.

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She said: “The first tough years (in her marriage) came with kids. I had infertility issues, I was ready, I wanted kids, I worked hard for them, we were mature, we had been together for four or five years before, so we had a wonderful amount of time together which was helpful.

“But even with all of that, when these little people arrived and the whole process of pregnancy, conception, delivery and then they are there.”

She added: “That can suck the life out of all of that hard work and all of that wisdom. It’s hard to get ready for the wonderful joyfulness that is having children.”

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Michelle then joked: “They are amazing and I would not trade them in, but they can mess up a marriage.”

Hello! said, the Becoming author shares daughters Malia and Sasha with Barack, and the family have been enjoying spending quality time together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both girls were away at university before the lockdown, but returned to their parents’ home in Washington at the start of the COVID crisis.

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Malia is studying at Harvard and Sasha is in her first year at the University of Michigan. The family have a beautiful Tudor home, complete with a roof terrace and a sprawling garden.

Sasha is even lucky enough to have her own suite in the house, complete with a separate living area.

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Michelle opened up about her daughter’s room during an interview on Ellen in 2018, telling host Ellen DeGeneres: “Sasha actually killed in this house. She has a two-room suite, it’s all decked out. She has like a living room area and a bedroom.”

What’s more, Sasha even designed it herself. While Sasha has the best deal in the room department, her dad didn’t get quite so lucky. “He’s got the smallest room for his office. So he’s really hating on her,” Michelle joked.