Socialist Balarabe Musa, Kaduna ex-governor, dies at 84

Balarabe Musa
Balarabe Musa

A former governor of old Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, is dead.

Aged 84, Musa, who was the first governor to be impeached in the history of Nigeria, died in his home state, Kaduna.

His death was announced by Kaduna-Central Senator, Shehu Sani.

Sani wrote on his Twitter handle: “Alhaji Balarabe Musa has died. May Allah forgive his soul and grant him Aljanna Firdausi. Amin.”

Musa, had during his lifetime, speaking about his life and values, described himself as a socialist whose need and interests in life are minimal.

“In terms of Naira and Kobo, I don’t have Kobo in the bank until my pension is paid. I earn about N300,000 a month and that is what I use in managing my life and family,” Musa said.

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Then, speaking on why he lives a Spartan kind of life in the midst of opulence, Musa, insists that his life pattern is influenced by his fundamental beliefs as a socialist.

“First, I am a Muslim, second, I am a socialist and I have got all I want in life. What I have today is exactly what I wanted to have in life since when I was 17. I never imagined that I would have more than what I have now,” the former governor said.

Balarabe, a progressive and the leader of the People’s Redemption Party in the Forth Republic, stepped down as the chairman in 2018 due to health issues.