7 benefits ‘Great Grace’ will offer you beyond human intellect — Pastor Jaiyebo

Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo

A Nigerian teacher of the gospel, Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo, has spoken on seven benefits every believer stands to gain if working conscious of God’s ‘Great Grace,’ already made available to every believer.

He said accomplishments made through grace are incomparable to what individuals can achieve through human understanding or efforts.

Pastor Jaiyebo gave the revelations in his ministration at the “2020 Charis Day Celebrations,” on Thursday, commencing the four-day programme, at the headquarters of Charis Family International Church, Cultural Centre Road, Mokola, Ibadan.

Taking his biblical reference from the Book of John, Chapter 1, verses 15-16, Pastor Jaiyebo said, “God has put a seed of greatness in every human being, as this, he said was made so through the sacrifice Jesus Christ made with His death and resurrection.

Reflecting on the scriptures, the Senior Pastor of Christ Family International Church said, every follower of Christ has received His fullness to manifest from “grace for grace.”

The minister, stressing the benefits of grace given, even at the creation of the first man, Adam, made reference to Genesis 1:28, which states: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”


Consequently, Pastor Jaiyebo said, at creation, “God has given humans commitment to be great. He blessed them, that is, gave them empowerment to prosper.”

The mandate he said God gave man in Genesis 1:28, he thereby summarised to have five components, which he said include, power to be “fruitful;” “multiply;” “replenish” the earth; to “subdue;” and have “dominion” over the earth.

“Every human being has a desire to be fruitful. God is not just a great God that does great things, He also wants us to operate in that realm. He gave us divine resources apart from the normal mandate man has.

“Now, a resource that God gave is a source of help, means of accomplishing a goal – something that can be used for profits or benefits,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

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He defined grace as “a divine resource to help believers accomplish goals,” adding that, “in relations to divine mandate, grace is designed to accomplish certain goals.”

“When you operate in grace, our results should not be humanly explainable alone; our results should not be just human efforts.

“If we look at your life and all we can see are what you achieved by human efforts, you are not working in grace,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

Mentioning the seven benefits that anyone working under the unction of “Great Grace” are meant to enjoy, the minister said: “You have exceeding power, which should be seen in your life; you become very admirable, that is, you are admired for doing things beyond the ordinary; you are highly significant, which means, God wants your life to have exceeding power.”

“We shortchange ourselves when we don’t tap into the resource of grace. We take it for granted,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

Speaking further on the the other benefits derivable from “Great ” Grace,” he said, it makes one to be “Consequential,” that is, whatever the person does has “great consequences.”

“If you are conscious of the ‘Great Grace’ of God, “you will have remarkable merit;” “you will have unusual merit; and “you will be exceptionally outstanding,'” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

“If grace is great, it must produce the seven things above to manifest in our lives. You shouldn’t operate in the natural dimensions alone when you have access to divine resource. Grace makes your results to be outstanding.

“Grace is multidimensional in nature and its operations. When grace is in what we do, our results become humanly unexplainable – the only explanation is God.

“Mathew 5:16 has said let your light so shine; it is with that people can glorify God in what you do. Grace is available and accessible to every child of God because of what He has done.

“Grace is unmerited favour. And as someone defined it: Grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense (GRACE) as (an acronym). Christ has paid the price for us to access the resource of heaven.

It is available for you, you either take it or you don’t take it. If you don’t take it, your life will be humanly explainable,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

He admonished that, “difficulties will come but we should not suffer same things unbelievers suffer,” since as he said, “grace is operating in what God has made available. It is left for us to operate in the grace that God has made available. If not, it is like suffering in the midst of plenty.”

“We have access to divine resources as children of God. Things that are designed to help us are divine resources gotten from grace. It is available because of what God has done.

“There is a commensurate grace given for you to accomplish something God has made available for you. If there are stress and struggles in what God has told you to do, you are out of grace. Most times it is not the devil, ” Pastor Jaiyebo said.

According to him, from the understanding in Roman 1:3-5, “we have received grace through Jesus. And likewise, the minister said, with the knowledge of Ephesians 4:7, “grace is given to us separately as individuals.”

“It is left for you to know which grace do I carry. And you should expect those seven things to happen. Your own should be exceptionally outstanding amid colleagues.

“You are not meant to live an ordinary life. You don’t work for grace, you accomplish it.

“Grace is a tool, a resource, something as a tool to make you do what you do. There is a grace to make marriages work, even though there are offences. Once you realise it you, it works for you,” Pastor Jaiyebo said.