Adieu! Nigeria’s popular Ibadan industrialist, Bode Akindele, dies at 88

Bode Akindele
Bode Akindele

The popular Nigeria’s Ibadan-based business mogul, Chief Bode Akindele, is dead.

Akindele, the Chairman of Madandola Group, who holds the traditional title of Parakoyi of Ibadanland, as gathered, died in Lagos at his Apapa home on Monday at the age of 88 years.

Born on June 2,1932, Akindele, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is one of the oldest Nigerian business magnates and billionaires.

His vast wealth and successful empire are known across Africa, Europe and America, as well as his philanthropic and generous nature.

His mother, late Alhaja Rabiatu Adedigba, was a well-known wealthy and successful trader and opinion leader in the ancient city of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, whom it was said set Akindele on the path of success being raised by a strong and successful woman before she passed in 1976.

As gathered, Akindele made his first major venture into business about 25 years ago in Sweden where he bought a Swedish match manufacturing company which he later shut down and gained full control of the match world market.

This, it was said made him the controller of over one-third of the world match market being one of his top three achievements today.

He owns one of the biggest indigenous conglomerates in Nigeria known as Modondola Group of companies which operates across various sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, maritime, and agriculture, making it among the list of his top biggest achievements.

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Akindele also owns Fairegate Group a top international company worth billions of pound sterling, dealing in real estate and property and headquartered in Bond Street, London in the United Kingdom.

The company owns several properties across the country currently being rented by some of UK’s foremost retail stores such as Asda Wall Mart and Sainsbury.

Apart from the large Fairgate properties empire which makes the third on the list of his top three achievements, he also owns personal properties across the UK and substantial investments in the property market and top blue chip companies in the United States.