Osinbajo, Yahmed, Pimenta, global leaders in Kigali for 11th Africa CEO Forum

Rwanda's President Kagame met with Yemi Osinbajo, former Vice President of Nigeria and High Representative of the Timbuktoo Africa Innovation Foundation, in Kigali, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2024. FILE PHOTO

By Emmanuel Babafemi

Former Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, is among the distinguished delegates who have gathered at the Kigali Convention Centre for the commencement of the 11th Africa CEO Forum

This year’s event, attracting approximately 2,000 delegates, marks its return to Rwanda since its last session in 2019.

Key highlights:

Notable attendees include Amir Ben Yahmed, President of the Africa CEO Forum, and Sérgio Pimenta, IFC’s Vice President for Africa and Co-host of the forum.

The Africa CEO Forum, the premier international gathering of the African private sector, has drawn business leaders, investors, and policymakers from across Africa and the globe.

For two days, the summit will feature conferences, debates, and high-level meetings dedicated to highlighting the crucial role of the private sector in the continent’s development.

The forum will tackle four transformative agendas: leadership, digital transformation, continental integration, and financing.

The event has attracted a diverse range of participants, including more than 1000 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), 75 Presidents, Ministers, investors, and journalists from 73 countries.

This diverse gathering of influential leaders is poised to shape the future of Africa’s economic landscape.

Significance of the event:

Amir Ben Yahmed, President of the Africa CEO Forum, in a statement, emphasised the importance of such gatherings in shaping partnerships and strategies that elevate Africa’s economic status.

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He called upon the community of leaders to recognise the lasting impact of their actions during this critical period, urging them to forge innovative strategies and partnerships that will propel the continent into new opportunities.

Sérgio Pimenta, IFC’s Vice President for Africa and co-host of the forum, highlighted the pivotal role of the private sector and Africa’s policymakers in driving Africa’s GDP to new heights by 2050.

He emphasised the need for an empowered African private sector, supported by policymakers, to create markets, boost intra-African trade, and promote investment on the continent.

Pimenta stressed that turning Africa’s $3 trillion GDP into $30 trillion by 2050 will require a concerted effort from both the private sector and policymakers.

The Africa CEO Forum stands as the continent’s foremost gathering, uniting Africa’s top executives, global investors, and government leaders annually.

This year’s flagship event, co-hosted by IFC, is poised to shape the future of Africa’s economic landscape, providing a platform for leaders to discuss and implement strategies that will drive growth, increase intra-African trade, and advance investment on the continent.


The Africa CEO Forum was founded in 2012 and is the leading platform for African CEOs, global investors with interest in Africa, heads of state, ministers, and representatives of the main financial institutions active on the continent. It is a forum for fleshing out ideas by the continent’s leading private sector operators in both the business and finance world.

The Africa CEO Forum was created by Jeune Afrique Media Group and its Annual Summit is co-hosted by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.