Book review: ‘Dreamers’ Digest,’ biblical guidelines for vision fulfilment

Dreamers' Digest
The book cover
Dreamers' Digest
Pastor Lekan and Mrs Adefunke Iyiola

The new book, Dreamers’ Digest, authored by someone who understands the meaning of purpose to be two things: one, “An anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned action”; and two, “The quality of being determined to do or achieve something” – is equally a man of God, that is, someone whose God has put the destinies of some men and women in his care as their custodian – that is no other person but Pastor Lekan Olanrewaju Iyiola, a seasoned minister with Charis Family International Church at its Agodi branch, with its headquarters at Mokola, Cultural Centre Road, in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

Pastor Iyiola, who is also a product of purposeful teaching, has partly attributed the success of this book to his Pastor, who is the visioner and Senior Pastor of Charis Family International Church, Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo, and his covenant partner, who is also his wife, Pastor Moji Jaiyebo, who he said on their example and motivation, he was able to pick his pen to write. It is suffice to describe Charis as a church of purposeful attendees and for whoever desires to know his or her God-given purpose, Charis is a church to attend.

At Charis, the most popular slogan is “Making your life count here and here after!” Hence, the primary purpose of this book (being launched today) is to make your life count here and hereafter.

Readers Digest
Pastor Lekan and Mrs Adefunke Iyiola

Summary, the book is a “biblical guideline for vision and purpose fulfilment.”

And what is a guideline? What is biblical? What is vision? What is fulfilment?

Guideline is – a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action.

Biblical is – what is pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible – the word of God, as inspired by the Holy Spirit for the children of God.

Vision – ordinarily, it is the ability to see, or having an experience of seeing. But much more, it is a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation of an unusual beauty of a preferred future. It is the imaginative conception or anticipation of a desired end. The picture of a preferred future.

Fulfillment – one may say it is a feeling of satisfaction having achieved your desires, but it is more than this – as made known in Dreamers’ Digest, fulfilment in life is found in when a man or woman’s dream is in complete alignment with God’s purpose, that is only the time you can say you are fulfilled.

Is there anyone who wants to experience all the aforesaid, as defined? These are all what this book will do for you, so, get your copies!

The Dreamers’ Digest is very concise and precise – it is not boring, each chapter is a continuation of the next, but with a distinct meaning – they are not too lengthy, and it is a book which those who have little or no flair for reading will enjoy reading – and you will be wiling to read it over and over again.

Published by Olivergreen Media, and its illustrative cover projecting a dreamer, designed by Cyril Olajide, Dreamers’ Digest, divided into seven chapters, spread through 81 pages, succinctly exposes readers to, and simplifies the means to drawing up biblical guidelines in driving a vision to purposeful fulfilment.

The chapters are titled as follows: Chapter One – Born for a Purpose; tells us that “Life is multifaceted and multidirectional in design.” Likewise, it is full of opportunities to motivate one to have beautiful dreams. But much more than this, the book reinforces an understanding according to Hebrews 10:7, that, “something is already written in the book concerning you long before you were conceived…” and “there is a purpose already designed for you before you were born.”

However, because a man was created to think and engage his mind for creative abilities there is possibility for a dreamer to have many dreams, but with the spirituality of man, it makes us know that dreams are not limited to God’s children alone, the ungodly ones too can dream – dreaming is not as important as fulfilling a godly dream.

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Hence, if a mind is not well structured to follow precision and accuracy, one, whether godly or ungodly – but to godly ones now, who already have a deposit in them to know, such people will only get lost in confusion, frustration and a waste of time… It was stressed in the book. But, to know the way out, read the Dreamers’ Digest.

There are certain biblical dreamers referenced, and applicable Bible verses in every chapter which will give the revelational knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what to know in executing your dream.

There are 15 advantages of knowing the will of God for your life highlighted in this book. You need to know them – get your copies!

Chapter Two – Own It! Don’t Just Know It; tells us that knowing the purpose and will of God for your life is not enough, you need to own it. It is not in the knowing because many people actually know. The book reveals – the problem is, they are not doing anything worthwhile – it even becomes more dangerous as the author reveals in the book that God won’t force anyone to do His will.

But as further revealed in the book, you must be a believer in your dream, and ‘it is not a life assignment until it becomes what you are living or dying for, it must be that serious to you.”

Then, there are three things you need to do, which are: “Get convinced and be fully persuaded;” “Count the cost;” then, “Communicate your Purpose and Dream.” In the book also are listed six opposition a dreamer will get, plus only one supporter called “The Believers.” To know about others, read the book!

In Chapter Three – The Realm Beyond Sight; here, it was said it is easy for one to see a dream as impossible, as “great dreams do not make human sense. They are impractical and unworkable.” Especially when trying to be reasonable.

But if a dream must come to pass, the author said a dreamer must be ready to lose his or her natural or normal mind, since dreams are designed to change the existing paradigm, and it may not be in alliance with established culture.

Then, there are 24 common expressions and thoughts listed in the book which a dreamer must not allow to thrive around him or her. Get the book to know them.

Chapter Four – Keep Seeing the Invincible; here the author reveals that, the strength of a dreamer is to keep faith with the vision and keep seeing the invincible picture – which is the God’s factor. You have to keep the vision in sight and allow no force to steal it from you – which means, there are dream stealers!

As a dreamer, you must just keep seeing the invincible – the God’s perspective to fulfill your dreams, and eight ways of how to see them are listed in the book. Get your copy to know all.

Chapter Five – Moving Beyond the Wall: These chapter talks about different phases of vision’s fulfilment – which are: “Conception Phase;” “Preparation Phase;” Execution Phase;” and “Consolidation Phase.”

The Conception Phase seems to be the most dangerous, even, with the excitement that comes with it because it fades away with time.

But there are things that boost your confidence as you move on as a dreamer and vision executioner, if not, the whole concept can die during the execution stage because of attendant challenges that may sweep a dreamer off his or her feet.

How do you overcome the possibility of a dream dying at the execution stage? There are things listed in the book as what can be of help here, especially as at this stage, there will be a constant need for God. “Whatever a man can achieve without the input of God is ordinary,” the author said.

“To fulfil your dream, there is need for a constant bond between a man and God.”

Chapter Six – Face your Fears: Fear is defined as an emotion (a feeling) experienced in anticipation of some specific (imaginary) pain or danger usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight.

Now, “When it comes to living the life of a dreamer, one common formidable resistance that one must defeat is fear.

“Fear is not defeated by running away from it. To defeat your fear, you have to develop the courage to face it and give it a good fight,” the book reveals.

There are external fear and internal fear. And examples of both are highlighted in the book, plus how to solve them, which a reader needs to find out in the book.

The author says, “you cannot be shy and shine in life.”

Chapter Seven – Do it: The last chapter sums up the essence of rising to your dream as a dreamer and pursue it! The book is a compendium, a dossier for success for those who value the essence of investing on their dream. It is motivational, assertive, authoritative and dramatic for easy reading and assimilation.

In it are cited the examples of biblical dreamers and how they accomplished their dreams.

One of the key ways to making a success of a dream is, to be “motivated by the big picture in your heart, but you must develop the maturity and capacity to break that big picture into achievable smaller parts. Get your own copies – buy more than one, because the person who borrows it from you may not want to return it.

Dreamers’ Digest is a good read recommended for students, grown adults, younger ones, and even, the elderly because working on a vision dream is a lifelong affair.