How people get destroyed by sexual immorality, Rev. Ajetomobi reveals, warns

Rev. Samson Ajetomobi

The Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Samson Ajetomobi, has warned Nigerians, especially believers in Christian faith to desist from sexual sins, which he said is a destroyer of those who engage in it.

Rev. Ajetomobi, who is also the President and Founder of the Men of Issachar Vision Inc in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, however, advised the promiscuous individuals who are still single to get married if they can’t abstain from sex.

He gave the admonition, while speaking on Sunday, as a guest minister at the grand finale of the 2020 Charis Day Celebrations, at the Charis Family International Church headquarters, Cultural Centre Road, Mokola, Ibadan.

Earlier before his ministration, his host, who is the Senior Pastor of Charis Family International Church, Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo, welcoming and introducing Rev. Ajetomobi, had described him as someone with sound Christians doctrines and profound leadership skills.

Pastor Jaiyebo said Rev. Ajetomobi has lived all through as an exemplary leader, whose ministry, he said had soared because of his consistency in living as a true Christian and follower of Jesus Christ.

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Mounting the rostrum, Rev. Ajetumobi, who also extolled the virtues of his host, calling him a good example of Christian faith, said: “Pastor Jaiyebo is someone who is not frivolous and is committed to his call,” while also describing his wife, Pastor Moji Jaiyebo, a faithful and complimentary partner in the ministerial work.

In his message which he premised on the theme of the programme, “Great Grace,” Rev. Ajetumobi said, God has already released his unrestrained grace to His children, but many are losing out of the divine advantage because of their sinful lifestyle.

He said humans can hide their sins and inadequacies from each other, but what is hidden for man, the minister said, appears naked to God. Hence, he charged every follower of Christ to maintain a righteous lifestyle after being born again.

Prominent among the sins that easily draw one against God, the cleric said is sexual immorality, which, according to him “is a weapon of trading in this present world.”

“Sex is a weapon of trading, you can trade your destiny away with it. Sex which is a blessing in the context of a home is a curse outside a home. If you can’t hold yourself, marry the next day. Be smart enough to tie yourself down and stop harassing yourself,” Rev. Ajetomobi said.

“You have to live a good life as a Christian, and a way to do this is to start witnessing for Christ. “Let people know you as a witness for Christ,” the minister said, adding that to be born again is cheap and costs one nothing, but an immoral lifestyle is expensive.

“Decide that I want to live an eternal life, God, save my soul. And with great power, stop preaching the gospel to people as a weakling. A witness is a persuaded person. No church grows beyond its witnessing capacity. Witness with conviction, with audacity and courage.

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“A born again life fits. To live a life of immorality is too expensive. Those ladies help you to waste your money. It is a wicked way. Nobody loses honour like playing away with these little ladies. Rather, witness Christ with great power. When a man attracts great grace, he moves with great power.

“A lady who allows herself to be cheaply impregnated by an irresponsible man, who only needed her for sexual pleasure, will later regret her action. Though she will be forgiven by God, after she repents from her sin and asks for forgiveness – she will be forgiven, but will be spiritually demoted and will have to build her spiritual life again, so she can develop strength to overcome similar challenges in future. God won’t leave you.

“Same applies to the man who engages in sexual sins, he can’t progress physically and spirituality because he is frustrating the grace of God upon his life. He will waste his money on servicing his sinful sexual partners, while he will also lose his spiritual relevance until he repents and begins to build his spiritual life again,” Rev. Ajetomobi said.

Earlier in his message, Rev. Ajetomobi, admonishing the congregation on how grace works from his scriptural reference taken from the Book of Zechariah 4:4-7, said, “Grace is the answer God gives to life riddles.”

He said everyone has been justified by grace, even those working in sin, saying: “Grace is the qualifying presence of God that qualifies the most unqualified.”

Explaining the grace factor further, he said: “When you look at men who are beneficiaries of grace in the Bible, they were unqualified. Look at David, he had Samuel to speak for him

“There are people who thought they would never marry, but grace undertakes for you where your strength and skills are inadequate and threatened.

The cleric shared the testimony of a lady, who he said had lost hope of getting married, as she has come of age, and would rather prefer to run away from people. But the preacher said, when grace found her, only last week, her marriage was celebrated. ” When you are so tired is when the helper is closest,” he said.

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“Grace ends delay, it ends incomplete activities. When grace speaks for you all men will be running up and down to favour you. Any project you do, it will be competed by grace.

“Look at the case of the three Hebrew boys in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 3, these are good examples of beneficiaries from the provisions of grace, after being threatened, yet, they refused to bow down to the idols of King Nebuchadnezzar,” Rev. Ajetomobi said.

While also defining grace, he likened it to a situation where “you have done all you had to do with a boss whose assessment of you is always in the negative, but when grace steps in, it changes your bad assessment to good from the same boss.”

He said: “Grace ends delay and incomplete activities, uncompleted projects,” while encouraging unstable Christians to remain planted in their churches, saying: “Don’t give up. Don’t change church all around, stay and be planted and see what God will do.

Speaking further on what grace is, Rev. Ajetomobi said after the word of God came to Zerubabel, saying: “Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it,” they began to shout and the mountain began to melt,” and as such, he said “grace is a weapon.”

He said for those having issues bothering them, they should do like Zerubabel and speak to whatever challenge they have, that, “you forces of delay, who are thou?”

Continuing his definitions of grace, Rev. Ajetomobi said: “Grace gives power from God, power to serve, power to preserve, power to endure. When things are not going as planned, people are tired, that is the absence of grace. Men who have grace have standing stamina. You don’t know who is a Christian until you are checked under pressure.

“The day the trigger is pulled at you and you are asked to deny Jesus or die is when we know who is a Christian. Don’t deny God because of a threat. Something must kill you. Even the killer who wants to kill you will still die. Don’t deny God

“Grace is that forgiven strength of God that dismisses your wrong as if you never committed them.

“Grace will forgive you every time but as soon as you repent, God takes you back to begin again, so he can raise you up again to develop strength to face your spiritual battles, so you can overcome same barrier when you get to the portion again.

Men who want to be progressive in God don’t rise and fall in sin. Repeating class for how long? All your mates are gone. But when you use grace and grow consistently in it, you can imagine the extent you can go. Grow the life that hates sin, that is so passionate about God.”

Also making reference to Acts 4:33, the minister said: “Men who attract great grace are witnesses for Jesus Christ,” and if a commitment is not shown towards the things of God, he said: “Grace can be wasted, grace can be frustrated. It is not about people knowing about you living in sin, it is about God knowing. He will know.

“Why God is resisting you is because He knows your lifestyle of sin. You know why your life is stagnated, it is because you are an abuser of grace. Nothing keeps you from secret sin, it is a passionate life of witnessing.

“Offer the enemy the gospel before he offers you his options. Everywhere you enter, announce your faith – your language. If you don’t speak your language, the devil will teach you his language. Offer the enemy the gospel before he offers you his options. Don’t trade your destiny away with sexual immorality, Rev. Ajetomobi warned.