Inside Sources: Dasuki bemoans Nigeria’s systemic rot, calls for radical overhaul to combat corruption

Abdussamad Ibrahim Dasuki

By Marvellous Nyang

A second-term member representing Kebbe/Tambuwal Federal Constituency of Sokoto State in the 10th House of Assembly, Hon. Abdussamad Ibrahim Dasuki, has called for systemic change in Nigeria to address the deep-rooted issues of corruption plaguing the country.

Speaking during an interview on Inside Sources with Laolu Akande on Channels TV, on Friday, Dasuki emphasised that the current challenges are not new and that the system itself is fundamentally flawed.

“It is not something we have to start digging, things are not working in Nigeria. We can’t deny that fact,” Dasuki said, highlighting the need for a collective approach to address the systemic issues.

Dasuki, a politician from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) noted that even members of previous assemblies, such as the 8th assembly, recognised the need for change, stating, “some of ours in 8th assembly believe there is something that is fundamentally wrong with the system.”

Dasuki pointed out that the lack of significant progress since 2015 is a testament to the need for a new approach, saying, “Between 2015 when we started it till now, we have seen the differences. We don’t need to go far. Every now and then when you have an election there is always the last one better than this.”

Dasuki attributed the country’s challenges to the concentration of power within the system, stating, “A system that gives you so much power. We know what power does. It corrupts absolutely and this is where we are.”

He advocated for a collaborative approach among elected representatives to determine and implement solutions that benefit the Nigerian people.

Dasuki also praised the foresight of Nigeria’s founding fathers in establishing a pluralistic state, stating, “Our founding fathers did a very good job. Some of us believe our founding fathers have the foresight to believe that Nigeria is a plural state.”

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He emphasised the need for inclusive decision-making processes, stating, “Let’s find an avenue where we can have even if it is the elite, the elected representatives coming together to determine what is best for the people and then go and implement it.”

Dasuki highlighted the parliamentary system as a model that had previously laid a strong foundation for development in Nigeria, stating, “And that is why they took us to where they took us to which is the parliamentary system even if we know that our colonial masters, you know we are practising the parliamentary system.

“But if you look at what worked for us in between the years that we practice parliamentary. Most of the foundation that was laid for development in Nigeria happened around that time.”