Multiple sources of income, way out of financial challenges, Omoraro charges Nigerians

George Omoraro

The Chief Executive Officer of Rage Media Mr. George Omoraro, has charged Nigerian, especially the youths, to keep multiple sources of income to beat financial challenges.

He said this is the most reliable way to live above expectations and unforeseen financial demands, especially at this time when the global economy is facing different kinds of downturn, which he said had forced many people out of job.

According to him, the Covid-19 pandemic too has caused a lot of havoc globally, and every country is counting its losses, including Nigeria, and apart from the fact that it has caused a lot of deaths, Omoraro said, it has also been one of the biggest factors in the crippling of the global economy.

“As we can see, most corporations, schools, offices at both the private and government establishments can’t open or operate at full capacity again because of the need to respect the Covid-19 protocols, especially the social distancing.

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“This has also forced many workers out of job, as most organisations have folded up because of low or no patronage, and with this, the buffer for many now is the online option for corporations and individuals to meet up, and most importantly, investing in multiple business opportunities is also a leveller.

“I will want to use this opportunity to encourage Nigerians, people elsewhere, especially the youth to engage their time well and ensure to have multiple sources of income so they can beat financial challenges. People should invest into e-commerce opportunities so they can coverup in areas they are suffering losses in their physical areas of business engagements.

Omoraro, a successful digital marketer, who said he founded his company, Rage Media, from the scratch when he had nothing, but only hope, informed that, people should also be patient to allow their businesses grow, for those who are still able to open their establishments because Covid-19 restrictions is not adversely affecting them.

He also charged that people should pick up new skills, and learn from those already excelling in their areas of engagement, as he said, he had equally benefitted from learning about how to successfully establish a business from those ahead of him.