How 26-year-old Chinese man gained 128kg during COVID-19 lockdown

Chou was rushed to hospital as he could not lie down and enjoy a proper sleep in two days straight. Photo: VTC News

A 26-year-old Chinese man named Chou from Wuhan, China, has gained 128kg after a long off-work period during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The overblown stature of Chou is said to have giving him breathing difficulty, and could not lie down normally as he’s way too fat, and as a result, couldn’t sleep properly for two days straight.

Reports said Chou had to call for emergency on June 1 night as he could no longer stand the sleeplessness.

According to report, when the ambulance arrived, the medical staff were unable to transfer the “giant” young man to the hospital and had to call a fire brigade for a helping hand.

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Another four medical staff were also said to have struggled to transfer Chou from the emergency room to the intensive care unit the night after.

At the hospital, Chou is measured 278kg, up from 150kg last year before the advent of coronavirus.

“Chou suffers from a range of serious diseases due to the heavy weight, including heart failure and respiratory dysfunction, systemic edema,” a doctor at Wuhan Central University Hospital told News Week.

He added that genetic factors and an unhealthy lifestyle have taken a heavy toll on his condition.

The 128kg that Chou gain during the outbreak is not merely fat, according to the doctor, his edema is also to blame. Chou is expected to lose some 25kg in the next two months by adjusting his diet and work schedule.

Chou and his friends opened an Internet café and usually stay up late and eat snacks and fast food in the middle of the night to take care of it.