Lady sexually assaulting baby in viral video declared wanted by Nigeria police


A lady seen sexually assaulting a baby in a viral video posted online has been declared wanted by the Nigeria Police Force.

The lady could be seen carrying a naked baby in the 30-second video and fellating herself as she fondled the baby’s “member” repeatedly with her mouth, in an offensive scene which amounted to sexually assaulting the new born.

The police had declaring the lady wanted via Police Complaint Unit Twitter handle, informed that anyone with useful information, name, phone number, location or address of the lady in the picture should reach out to authorities.

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The lady’s identity is currently unknown and it could not be ascertained whether she or someone else is the mother of the baby.

More so, The Daily Leaks checks further revealed that the video in question had been posted online a long time ago, possibly over a year, and the nationality of the lady had been contested, that she is either not a Nigerian or the incident didn’t happen in Nigeria.

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However, it was established that the lady sexually assaulted the innocent baby and the video had been recorded in a manner which suggested that someone held the recording device capturing the lady and the baby as she engaged in the morally reprehensible act.